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The first journalistic inquiry service in the MENA region. We assist journalists in receiving invoices for their articles. And for experts and public relations professionals, there's public relations and press mentions of the company
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Easy in use
A lot of work - one button. Instead of texting and calling everyone, just post one request
Free to use
Forever free for journalists. You can post unlimited queries
Experts base
We have over 5000 experts on the platform. New heroes, new stories every day
70% of the time when writing a note is spent collecting material. Save your time with presscale
No spam
We do not disclose your data. If you choose to hide your email, experts will be able to write you only on the website and nowhere else.
Additional bonuses
You can also find barter partners and get products for reviews
Access to thousands of media queries
All queries
Comments and response to journalists' requests
Become the guests of TV and radio broadcasts
Provide products for tests, reviews and special projects with the media in exchange for mentions in materials and broadcasts
Get dozens of mentions per month with minimal time investment
Choose media for a publication
Search for journalists in the largest and most up-to-date database of journalists and media
Be the first to know about the media requests on specialized topics, become a columnist for specialized media
Choose the optimal list of media for publications
Offer your publication topics to journalists


Journalists leave requests
Journalists are looking for texture, filming locations, products for reviews, characters and more. To do this, they leave requests on Presscale
Experts answer questions
Experts respond to inquiries. Their answers are sent to the journalist for consideration. He accepts or rejects answers
Publication release
Journalists add the article to the query. You can continue collaborating with the journalists after the release


How much does it cost?
It's free. Although, for experts, we have paid professional tariffs that expand the service's basic functionality. The service is always and completely free for the media.
I am an experienced journalist, I have my own pool of experts, why do I need Presscale?
In order to save time. According to statistics, a journalist spends 70% of his or her time preparing a story before collecting payments. It takes time to locate the right experts, send out emails with questions, or call, inform them about the upcoming publication, and conduct a phone interview. Then you have to answer everyone's questions about their comment, publication output, and so on. Instead, you can simply post a request on Presscale and accept only the responses that are relevant.

Especially The service will be useful if:
  • You need "new faces": new heroes, experts, sources
  • Need experts, heroes in areas new to you
  • It is necessary to collect a large number of opinions, data, comments, for example, for a review or analytical article
  • You often write on various topics, for example, today about "problems of farmers", tomorrow - "about roads."
  • You're running out of time: you need to find the right hero quickly, and even get information in a convenient, ready-made format, and you still have a lot of other things to do.
Simply post a request on Presscale and go about your business, checking in from time to time to see what responses you received. This will save you a lot of time, provide a lot of useful texture, and lead to some interesting discoveries.
I represent a small company, will I be of interest to the media?
Yes. After many years of work, we have realized that journalists require subject matter specialists on a range of subjects. from farms with a focus on greenhouses to boat building professionals. The value of Presscale for the media is that they can be sure to find a professional with the required expertise, knowledge, cases, and perspective here.

Visit the service to find out what subjects now call for specialists. Are you certain you found your request?
I require PR, but I lack media experience. I have no idea how to answer a journalist's inquiry. What ought I to do?
You don't need any specialized knowledge to communicate with a journalist, so don't worry. Just respond to his inquiries when he asks them. the same phrases you use when you write a letter to a partner or a Facebook post about this subject.
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